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Blackbird & Bloom

Stick & Stitch Embroidery Patterns - 'Romance'

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Embroider on clothes and accessories with these stick and stitch designs! 

Simply choose the design you want to use, peel the backing off and stick it on to any fabric you want to embroider. Once finished stitching, the fabric sticker washes away, leaving just your beautiful embroidery!

These are perfect for customising any fabric you want, including clothes and accessories. You could also use them on an embroidery hoop and create your own design without having to transfer the pattern. 

Each pack contains a selection different sized illustrations printed on water soluble fabric stabiliser. There are 12 stand alone fabric stickers in each pack that I have personally designed.

Glass of fizz - approx 11x4cm

Bunch of flowers - approx 9x5.7cm
Rose on stem - approx 9x4.2cm
Envelope - approx 7.6x7.5cm
Noughts and crosses - approx 7x7.3cm
Floral Heart - approx 6x4.9cm
True Love Sweet - approx 6x5.9cm
Lovelock - approx 4.8x6cm
Two Hearts - approx 3.5x3.7cm
Mon Amour - approx 7.5x5.2cm
Love Box - approx 5x4.8cm
Rose - approx 5x4.7cm

Please note, no threads are included and no colour guides are included in this pack. You can have complete freedom with your own colour palette. I recommend using quality embroidery threads such as DMC embroidery floss to make sure the thread colours don't run when soaking the paper off.

*When using very dark embroidery threads such as black or brown, I advise soaking them in hot water before stitching as not all threads are completely colour fast. This will reduce the risk of colour bleeding in your project.

Instructions of use are included in the packs.

Packaged in a biodegradable cello bag. Just put it in your household waste when finished with it!